Reporting scams in india related to websites

Beware of scamsters… bunch of people sending misleading sms messages on websites being closed or mail accounts cease to work:
Beware of such frauds… ideally such matters should be reported to nearest know authorities.

Our Customers got this message today from: DM-Remind

Dear Customer,Your website & email will STOP suddenly,if you do not renew your domain name & hosting service.To renew Call 9844380672

Another such mail our clients received:

From: Domain Expiration Soon
Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 13:16:16 -0700
To: < >
Subject: FWD: CUSTOMER.COM Registration Ending
Registration Expiration

Order #: 27288708

Order Date: May 23, 2012

Bill To: bc

p.o box xyz,

DUBAI, Dubai

11008 | +971.600000

Domain Name
Registration-May 23, 2012 – May 23, 2013
Price $75.00
Term – 1 Year

To: xyz

Registration includes SE submission for CUSTOMER.COM for 12 months. There is no obligation to pay for this order unless you complete your payment by Jun 7, 2012. SE Services provides submission services and search engine ranking organization for domain owners. This offer for submission services is not required to renew your domain registration.

Failure to complete your search engine registration by Jun 7, 2012 may result in the cancellation of this order (making it difficult for your customers to locate you using search engines on the web).
For Domain Name:



You have received this message because you elected to receive special notifications and offers for CUSTOMER.COM. If you no longer wish to receive our special notices, please unsubscribe here , or mail us a written request to the attention of: Customer Contact Manager, PO Box 4668 New York, NY 10163-4668. Please allow up to four weeks for the complete unsubscribe process to take place. NOTE: If you have multiple accounts with us, you must opt out for each one individually in order to fully stop receiving these notifications. This message is CAN-SPAM compliant.
Please do not reply to this email, as we are not able to respond to messages sent to this address.

For your services ideally contact your service provider and such messages be reported and deleted or you will find yourself cheated.

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Website Promotion & Marketing – SEO Activities

Promoting your website – SEO Activities

SEO activities

Build Phase SEO Activities > On Page Activities

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Keywords Tag
  • Meta Description Tag
  • Alt Tags Heading Tags
  • Other Meta Tags  - NOODP, NOYDIR, Canonical Tag Optimization
  • URLs Optimization (SEO Friendly URLs Creation)
  • Heading Tags Optimization
  • 301 URL Redirection

Build Phase SEO Activities > Off-page Activities

  • Manual Website Registration on Google, Bing and Yahoo! search engines
  • Sitemap Creation (XML, TXT, ROR) & Submission
  • Creating of Webmasters  Accounts for Google, Yahoo & Bing & Website Registration
  • Robots File Creation

Google Analytics Implementation

  • This inovles creation and implentation of Google Analytics Tracking Codes on all the pages of the website
  • Creation Goals & Funnels
  • Creation & Implementation of Customized Tracking Codes

Maintenance Phase SEO Activities

On-page Factors

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Keywords Tag
  • Meta Description Tag
  • Alt Tags
  • Content Optimization > keyword density (Recommendations), strong & bold text, cross-linking
  • SEO Friendly URLs Creation
  • 301 URL Redirection

Off-page Factors

  • Manual Website Registration on Google, Bing and Yahoo! search engines
  • W3C Validation & Recommendations
  • Manual Directory Submission (free directory services only)
  • Article Submission
  • Press Releases Submission
  • Link Exchange
  • Submission of 3rd Party Sites
  • Social Media Bookmarking
  • RSS Feeds Submission
  • Classifieds Submission (if required)
  • Participation in discussion> Forums, Yahoo answers, Wiki answers, Rediff-QnA

Technical Analysis – Top Website Analysis & Tracking

  • Implementing Google Analytics Tracking Codes complete website
  • Tracking General Traffic Stats > Overall Traffic Stats, Visits & Visitors, Page Views, Bounce Rate & Exit Rate, Time on Site, Traffic Source, Top 10 Most Viewed Pages, Top 10 Most Visited Cities, Top 10 Landing Pages, Top 10 Exit Pages, 10 Browsers, History, Site Overlay , Tracking Leads, Goals & Creating Funnels, Tracking of contests and applications

We have been deliverying some oustanding results for some of our clients in their respective business areas, we offer result driven SEO (Website Promotion and marketing) Services.

On a broader perspective the cost usually works out to Rs.10,000~ Rs.15,000/- a month, however cost also varies on the depth of initiated effort and industry segment also wherein more competitive prices may apply.

Talk to us, we will first evaluate your industry segment and targeted keywords to derive “specific cost-effective” plan.

For feedback and enquiries please write to us

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Logo Design

logo design-corel draw designer delhi, India

Createsoft Solutions creates high quality logo design for all types of businesses , We have a highly creative logo design team, working to provide your company with the most unique logo design. All logo designs in this site are registered and belong to the companies they were made for.

We offer quite a many options for the logo design and the underlying philosophy is to present every company;’s unique existence in a very unique manner. As the first stage we understand customers business vertical and than get into concept planning that is translated into rough cut options that are furthered by the design team to create presentable options. We reccommend Corel Draw for making logos that are further converted to png/gif/jpg formats for web while the source cdr file can be given to the printer for all kinds of printing purposes.

CDR files are vector-graphics files (as in a freehand drawing made up of lines and shapes, whereas a JPG file is a “bitmap” as in a digital photo image. They are two completely different types. Photoshop, which is widely used for designing websites, can be used for making a stunning logo but it can generate some problems while enlarging its size. If a person wants to print a logo, it is advisable not to design it in Photoshop.

Jpg Images to Corel Draw Conversion

If you have ready jpg files that need to be converted to corel draw formt (image to cdr conversion) you can contact us for doing the image to corel draw conversion, rates start @ USD 75 per conversion.

For feedback and enquiries please write to us

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Web Design

Website Designing

Web Design

Analysis & Planning

The website design and development part is again very crucial and it’s recommended that other than the designers effort you do some homework at you end. You can start by looking at your competitors/affiliates websites before firming up your own requirement. This will give you a great deal of insight into what you can possibly have rather than going by your gut feelings.

Static website or a dynamic website

On a macro level any website that will have a frequently changing content would require a CMS (Content Management System) hence it would be a dynamic website and sites with fixed content can be started as static website.


- Beware of run of the mill designer’s aggressively advertising cheap website designing packages and as month’s lapse they would close down and go… As internet is flooded with advertisements that talk of heavily discounted rates. Packages with all inclusive priced so low that impossible for vendors to sustain.

Website design & development technology

If you plan to have a dynamic website you got to carefully evaluate the technology options available, keep in mind “none of the web design technology is best” nor “nothing is bad”. What matters is – “What’s the best fit for your requirement”.

While some websites are best driven by Open source php web application development option while some would be best done in a ASP dot net environment.

Useful tip:

Do a careful analysis of your requirement and build some awareness on the technology platform because vendors would recommend what suits them most.

Website Promotion and Marketing

With millions of websites online and new being added every moment, it’s natural that people after investing time and money find themselves in a situation where the website is not to be seen anywhere on popular keyword searches. It requires expertise of focused website promotion and marketing company who could get you the visibility on the net that you deserve.

Short listing a website design and development company

Attributes you got to look at short listing a Website Design and Development Company would include:

- How long the web design company been around into the business
- Nature of their client base
- Manpower capability
- Payment terms (Should be milestone based)

For feedback and enquiries please write to us

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Promote Your Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Improve your website’s Google page rank

Search Engine OptimisationAccording to a a report from gartner “Many commercial companies have established a virtual world presence, but have’nt converted it into an effective, profitable sales channel”.

One of the major steps towards web site promotion is to improve your Google page rank.

The automated programs used by Google are known as “spiders” or “webcrawlers” that scan the Internet regularly and rank web sites based upon a number of factors. Although this process is discreet, here are some of the things that determine to a great extent your site’s page ranking.

Link Popularity – Links from other sites

Google spiders move from site to site across the Internet by following hyperlinks. The company’s proprietary Page Rank algorithm tallies “inbound links” for sites by counting the number of links a site has pointing to it from other sites. Therefore, increasing the number of links to your site should elevate your ranking. Keep in mind that Google gives more weightage to links from sites it deems as more important, so make sure to register your site with directories with high PR.

Your website navigation – internal links

Your site should be organized well and offers a great amount of easy to navigate. Include a site map, it helps visitors as well as Search engine like Goggle spiders/crawlers.

Meta tags

Placed as tags in the head section of an HTML or XHTML document not visible to the users on a website but found by Search Engines and help them rank the site in results. Meta tags are used to describe the document such as title, keywords and description. For improved rankings make sure your meta tags accurately describe your content/business.


Keywords are probable words or phrases that users might use to seek information they are looking for. Your website content should have an appropriate use of keywords and key phrases that best describe your objectives. Using manipulation tactics in this regard backfires as using irrelevant keywords and overstuffing works as spam.

Search engine optimization Companies (SEO Companies)

Hiring services of professional SEO companies who specialize in website promotion is a good idea and get your website registered with major search engines, directories, write optimized content, and incorporate appropriate changes to your site architecture. Carefully choose the SEO Company, be careful with those who promise the world.

Optimizing your website based upon the guidelines will definitely help a great deal. However Google claims, that its uses more than 100 factors to determine page ranking and google website itself provides a lot of important tips into their processes.


To improve Google page ranking webmasters often lose sight of the targeted audience ease and sacrificing user experience will actually backfire. Ideas is to lure spiders to your website to achieve a larger goal and that is draw more and more users to your site and keep them coming back.

Once you have through with your implementation of the above in a sustained manner, wait; Wait as it may take up to eight to ten weeks for you to see any meaningful changes and progress.

Want to learn more about website promotion and seo click here and explore web design, web development and seo services that we offer

For feedback and enquiries please write to us

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Choosing a Website Hosting Plan

Choosing a Website Hosting Plan

web hosting linux, windows

When you are looking for the right hosting plan for your website, you will have to make evaluations based upon your technical needs and budget. Which means: Deciding between a Linux server hosting and a windows server hosting is the technical part, whereas a clear understanding of how much space u need takes care of the budget part.

Web is flooded with gimmicks to add to your confusion and it becomes difficult for customers who are relatively less informed to make a choice between authentic offers and pure gimmicks. Often the offers are very alluring and land you into annoying situations.

Web hosting offers and the confusion

One company advertises a website hosting plan with 200MB and associated features with a price tag of INR 100 per month and in sharp contrast another advertiser advertises 2GB for same features and same price!

Point is, it’s you who has to decide as to what is your need, because both the Vendors know that actually you will be using a maximum of probably 50 MB space for your site content and e-mails and you are not actually going to travel overseas, walk into the server room to have a peep at your space allocation table!

First step, rather most important thing that needs to be determined is what platform you need:

Windows hosting or Linux Hosting

If not specified, the web designer is going to design and develop your website using open source PHP based development platform or asp.Net for web development; depending upon developer’s convenience and available capabilities. So don’t buy web space without determining the actual technology platform that will be deployed for development.

Choose a Linux server for a PHP based environment and a windows server if development is going to be in asp.Net.

Determining-Server space requirement

Data: Most websites need less than 50 megabytes of space, unless you use lots of high resolution images, video and audio clips, in that case you will be needing more space and you got to evaluate what would be the approx. size of the data in form of images, audio and video.

E-Mail Accounts: Rest of the space purchased is meant for e-mail accounts and in this regard “unlimited E-mail Accounts”, is yet another jargon that needs to be actually overlooked because space allocation to each specific E-Mail id has to be taken into account: You buy 200 MB web space – set aside 50MB for website data You have 150MB left, you can create 3 mail id’s with 50MB for each mail id or minimum 10 MB per mail account x 10 mail accounts = 150 MB

Bandwidth: Bandwidth implies to your data transfer needs. Simple formula is: page size (including clips and graphics) multiplied by page views per month. So, if you have 1000 hits to your main page that is 1 megabyte every month, then that is 1000 MB or 1 GB per month.

For feedback and enquiries please write to us

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Domain Name Registration – Facts

Make sure you own your domain name! A website owner’s personal e-mail id should be the admin, billing contact of the domain at the first step of domain registration stage with domain control panel access you have the flexibility (read control) to host your website wherever you want and whenever you want. By having access to the domain control panel thru a valid link, user name and password the domain name owner can modify contact information, name servers, domain secret key any time.

What is a domain name?

Domain names are host names that provide more memorable names to stand in for numeric IP addresses.

By allowing the use of unique alphabetical addresses instead of numeric ones, domain names allow Internet users to more easily find and communicate with web sites.

What is ICANN?

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is responsible for managing and coordinating the Domain Name System (DNS) to ensure that every address is unique and that all users of the Internet can find all valid addresses. It does this by overseeing the distribution of unique IP addresses and domain names. It also ensures that each domain name maps to the correct IP address.

ICANN is also responsible for accrediting the domain name registrars. “Accredit” means to identify and set minimum standards for the performance of registration functions, to recognize persons or entities meeting those standards, and to enter into an accreditation agreement that sets forth the rules and procedures applicable to the provision of Registrar Services.

What is InterNIC?

The InterNIC website is operated by ICANN to provide the public information regarding Internet domain name registration services.

How do I start using my domain name?

Upon domain registration, your domain name ‘points’ to a specific IP address of the server where your site is hosted. You can open a web hosting account with a web hosting space provider and have the name ‘re-pointed’ to their servers.

What is a Top Level Domain or TLD?

It is the rightmost component in a domain name. There are two different types of Top Level Domains (TLD): Generic and National.

A Generic TLD such as (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .name and .info) describes the purpose of the organization or entity to which the domain name is registered. Generic TLDs do not differentiate between geographic locations.

A National TLD (.au, .ca, in, .uk, and .us) specifies the country or territory of the registered domain name owner. National domains may be restricted to registration for citizens or organizations in that country.

What do some of the top level domains mean?

  • .com -Commercial and business sites.
  • .net -Internet Service Providers, or ISPs.
  • .org – Non-profit organizations.
  • .biz -Commercial and business sites.
  • .info -Informational web sites.
  • .name – Personal sites (i.e.
  • .ca -Organizations located in Canada
  • .in -Organizations located in India
  • .uk -Organizations located in the United Kingdom
  • .us -Organizations located in United States of America

How to find out if a domain name is available or taken?

There are many domains that are already registered, but do not have web site. Just because a web site doesn’t exist doesn’t mean the domain name is already taken. Use our domain name search tool to find an available domain

How to book your domain name?

Follow below mentioned steps to book your domain name:

  • Search – Enter the domain name you want to register and click “Search”
  • Upon availability proceed by selecting “book” if the domain name selected by you is not available try another name as above.
  • Book option will prompt you to provide registrant details ie. Name and address of registrant.

Alternatively Contact us for making your domain name registration.

Choosing the right domain for Domain Registration

  • Make sure your domain name reflects your business, your customers and any existing identity.
  • Make it short and intuitive.

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Hacked by IndoXploit

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