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Search Engine OptimisationAccording to a a report from gartner “Many commercial companies have established a virtual world presence, but have’nt converted it into an effective, profitable sales channel”.

One of the major steps towards web site promotion is to improve your Google page rank.

The automated programs used by Google are known as “spiders” or “webcrawlers” that scan the Internet regularly and rank web sites based upon a number of factors. Although this process is discreet, here are some of the things that determine to a great extent your site’s page ranking.

Link Popularity – Links from other sites

Google spiders move from site to site across the Internet by following hyperlinks. The company’s proprietary Page Rank algorithm tallies “inbound links” for sites by counting the number of links a site has pointing to it from other sites. Therefore, increasing the number of links to your site should elevate your ranking. Keep in mind that Google gives more weightage to links from sites it deems as more important, so make sure to register your site with directories with high PR.

Your website navigation – internal links

Your site should be organized well and offers a great amount of easy to navigate. Include a site map, it helps visitors as well as Search engine like Goggle spiders/crawlers.

Meta tags

Placed as tags in the head section of an HTML or XHTML document not visible to the users on a website but found by Search Engines and help them rank the site in results. Meta tags are used to describe the document such as title, keywords and description. For improved rankings make sure your meta tags accurately describe your content/business.


Keywords are probable words or phrases that users might use to seek information they are looking for. Your website content should have an appropriate use of keywords and key phrases that best describe your objectives. Using manipulation tactics in this regard backfires as using irrelevant keywords and overstuffing works as spam.

Search engine optimization Companies (SEO Companies)

Hiring services of professional SEO companies who specialize in website promotion is a good idea and get your website registered with major search engines, directories, write optimized content, and incorporate appropriate changes to your site architecture. Carefully choose the SEO Company, be careful with those who promise the world.

Optimizing your website based upon the guidelines will definitely help a great deal. However Google claims, that its uses more than 100 factors to determine page ranking and google website itself provides a lot of important tips into their processes.


To improve Google page ranking webmasters often lose sight of the targeted audience ease and sacrificing user experience will actually backfire. Ideas is to lure spiders to your website to achieve a larger goal and that is draw more and more users to your site and keep them coming back.

Once you have through with your implementation of the above in a sustained manner, wait; Wait as it may take up to eight to ten weeks for you to see any meaningful changes and progress.

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