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Setting up Outlook Express (Outlook Express Settings):

Easy guide to setup outlook express for sending and receiving e-mails from your domain specific e-mail id .

Open Outlook Express in Your System and observe the following things when configuring it:
Assuming your website name (address/url) is www.yourdomian.xyz
Incoming Mail Server type - POP3

Incoming Mail Server: mail. yourdomain.xyz
Outgoing Mail Server: mail.yourdomain.xyz

Account User name will be complete mail id, eg. you@yourdomain.xyz & not you alone

In Outlook Express, from the Tools menu, select Accounts...

Setup Outlook Express

2. A box will appear. Click Add and select Mail>

Setup Outlook Express

3. Enter your name as you want it to appear on your emails and click Next.

Setup Outlook Express

4. Put in your email address, which consists of a user you set up in webmail and you@yourdomain.xyz, and then click Next

Setup Outlook Express

5. Set the server type as POP3.For incoming and outgoing mail servers, enter mail. you@yourdomain.xyz Click on Next

Setup Outlook Express

6. Enter your email address for the Account Name. Enter the password you set for this account.

Note: Do NOT check the box "Log on using Secure Password Authentication".

Setup Outlook Express

7. Click Next and then click Finish.

After you click Finish, you should see the following window. If not, go to the Tools menu, and click on Accounts. After clicking Accounts the window will appear. In this window, click on your domain until it is highlighted, then click on Properties.

Setup Outlook Express

8. Setting Server Properties

When the next screen appears, click on the Servers tab. Under Outgoing Mail Server, check the box next to My server requires authentication. Click Okay.
Note: You MUST do this step so you can send mail from your domain.

Setup Outlook Express

Now, you're ready to send and receive mail. To set up multiple accounts, follow these steps again

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