Payment gateway Integration: International banks, nationalised banks, Paypal, CC Avenue

Need a payment gateway integration?

Collect online payments funded by all major credit and debit cards from your website

Online payment gateway is a secure interface for customers to enter their credit card details online. Once entered, the numbers are checked for discrepancies to prevent fraudulent misuse. Bank databases are queried to approve the transaction. Upon approval, the merchant gets the money debited to his account. This multi-layered approach to security has also contributed to customer confidence in using credit cards online

The Payment Gateway System offers various options for Companies/Business Establishments to enable on-line payment system on their websites and thus receive on-line payments for the products they sell or services offered by them. The options include :

Service Providers such as CC Avenue, Paypal etc. offering their services for enabling on-line payments with relatively low or nill initial investment and higher over riding commissions on per transaction and billing amount.

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Payment integration system - Payment in Just 3 easy steps

  • Integrating the system with merchant website
    In this interface, the entire transaction happens on your website; including the display of the final amount payable. The merchant is then required to send a few defined set of values to the gateway for online payment verification.
  • Buyer completes order cycle
    After completing all the purchasing on the merchants website, the merchant displays order preview to the buyer along with the amount to be paid, and a link to continue PAY NOW
  • Merchant approves the payment
    Merchant then checks for the received details as well as the amount, and confirms the legality of the transaction by "approving" the transaction in his merchant admin panel.

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